A section of Eastleigh that is flooded

Photos: Nairobi Residents Count Losses As Rains Wreak Havoc

Rains continued to wreak havoc across the country with houses and shops flooding, damaging property and cutting off road access in some instances.

In Nairobi, some residents were left distraught after floodwaters seeped into their homes, destroying furniture, electronics and other items.

In Eastleigh, trash and sewage was seen floating as traders tried to clear out water from their shops.

In parts of Githurai and Kahawa Wendani, residents were left counting losses as their furniture and other items were destroyed by floodwaters.

In Imara Daima, the situation was no different, with residents having to take off their shoes and wade through the water to get in and out of estates.

Several estates also experienced blackouts as the rains pounded the city.

The weatherman had predicted the start of the long rains over parts of the country over the weekend.

Several motorists were stuck in traffic on Saturday following the heavy rains.

Flooding in Kahawa Wendani. 

Flooding in Kahawa Wendani. 

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