About time! Daddy Owen takes a swipe at clout chasing Gospel ministers

Daddy Owen says he is disappointed that gospel ministers expecially singers have now turned to clout chasing as a new tactic to push and sell new music. According to him, this is something he ever thought gospel artists would be cool with but to his surprise – turns out majority have been doing this for years.


However speaking during recent interview, Daddy Owen made it known that he has never believed in power of clout chasing….since this is a temporary stunt that lures fans for the wrong reasons….

Daddy Owen with big brother, Rufftone

I do not subscribe to the school of thought that all songs need “Kiki” before releasing, a journalist just asked me “why dint u release this good song when your story was trending?” IMO I feel such clout takes away the real message u want to pass across (considering I am Gospel Minister). He said.

Time to change

He went on to add another point of – not every song needs hype to be big and this only happens when an artist believes in his own content….a point many kenyan artists continue to miss out on.

Some say “But it’s working” and I respect that, but kuna zingine even me as your fan I feel like the hype is bigger than the song! Some of us concentrate on pushing the song n hype around it more than concentrate in giving out deep content!

Daddy Owen with the late Papa Dennis

For this reason – you end up having an artist lose his entire career just because he over hyped a project….which fans later found to be useless or in polite words….shortchanged.

As a fan u wait for the song/video only to find out u were shortchanged! What an anti-climax! We can do better!

And of course you have all seen how gospel artists have slowly started slipping into the secular industry….because there, it’s all about faking it until you make it.

link source:https://www.ghafla.com/ke/about-time-daddy-owen-takes-a-swipe-at-clout-chasing-gospel-ministers/

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