Amber Ray not letting Pregnancy dime her shine, steps out barely dressed

Amber Ray is finally back now that shes been able to make it through the 3 tough months of her life….yaani theres nothing worse than morning or evening sickness during pregnancy. Its just bad – i hear it can bring out horrible feelings associated with puking – just because you’re growing another human inside you.

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So yea….for those wondering where Amber Ray had been the past few weeks....well, she was in bed…if not bed, she was kneeling with hands holding on to the toilet bowl tryna puke her soul out….but that phase is over and now were onto the glowing phase and yas pregnancy does look amazing on Amber Ray.

Amber Ray

Just to announce her online presence, mama Gavin recently unveiled new baby bump photos….and allow me to say that if not for that towel around her hip Amber Ray angetuonesha kila kitu – but then again....have not seen it before? But what makes her nakedness special is the growing baby bump that we all couldn’t miss out on.

Pregnant after 14 years

Having allegedly had her son at 19 years, Faith Makau popularly known as Amber Ray did not think of adding more kids….but from my understanding is that she has been pregnant twice since her first born….but the two pregnancies resulted to miscarriages until she met Kennedy Rapudo.

Anyway let’s hope that unlike the others she has tried having kids with i.e Zahir and Jimal Rohosafi – hopefully her fate with Rapudo will end up in a white gown and forever together story….because these streets are not accomodating 30 plus women.

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And not to forget….at least for once – Amber has met someone who accepts her for who she is….no limits, no boundaries – just being themselves and loving who they really are.

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