Anerlisa Muigai addresses claims of being barren

Anerlisa Muiagai will soon be in her mid 30’s and from what most of her fans feel is that she is getting older with no signs of starting her own family. So far Anerlisa Muiagi has been refered barren woman by not just one fan but many….until recently when she decided to respond.

You see, just like the other fans who accused Anerlisa of being barren….the latest one decided to compare the Keroche breweries to her other friends who already have kids and families of their as he wrote:


Ouch. Okay…this guy must be adouchebag because how do you just tell someone something so mean….and in fact reminds her that out of her so called friends – she (Anerlisa) is the only one with a womb that cannot carry a child.

Having seen the comment which obviously left her feelings hurt, Anerlisa for the first time addressed this topic painting her a barren woman on a post which she wrote;

There are alot of comments that I ignore but this one has gone far.

Then went on to talk about how women across the world continue to struggle having kids….something a grown man like George should know and sympathize with….however being a male bimbo he chooses to attack women for not having kids just because they are getting older. Classic toxic masculinity.

Anyway speaking for herself, Anerlisa made it known that she might have chosen not to have kids for now….i mean, she is just 33 years – and might change her plans in future.

But then again….truth is – kids are amazing and bring fulfillment to a woman’s heart….but what you’re never told is the responsibility that comes with having these mini humans.

From the first month of pregnancy to a lifetime – they depend on you for guidance, basic needs, love and many other things…..and of course not everyone is fit to become a parent, and those who understand this will tell you the truth that…there is no need to bring a child or another life into this earth to make them suffer – which is why caucasians don’t rush into having kids when they already they are not stable enough to handle them.

Lakini down here in Africa….if a woman doesn’t want to have kids by choice, she somehow become barren.

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