Arrowbwoy thinks having baby no. 2 with Nadia Mukami will make relationship more stable

Arrowbwoy and Nadia Mukami seem to have found solution yo their relationship issues weeks after Nadia Mukami announced they had parted ways.

Well at first we all assumed the two were putting up an act to remain relevant in the industry but with time….we realized the breakup might be true since they stopped hanging out like before…. some claim they even unfollowed each other on social media and if you thought baby mamas drama queens for nothing….well guess what, Nadia went as afar as removing the fellas name from their son’s online pages.

But again, these are just a few of the many problems couples face but what matters is how they handle them in private – away from kamati ya roho chafu rooting for a downfall.

Back together?

Anyway thanks to Arrowbwoy we now believe the problems in his relationship with Nadia Mukami have been resolved and making a come back through instagram page the singer shared a photo hanging out with son,Haseeb to which he captioned:


Mimba Next Naomba iwe ni Ma twins in Gods Name …Amen ? @haseebkai needs more siblings ako lonely. Ifikie mubebaji ⚽️

Okay….hold it right there!

Is Arrowbwoy seriously talking of more babies now that he is back with Nadia? Wait…why? And how? I mean didnt he see what happened months after baby Haseeb was born?


Wait….don’t get me wrong but i am sure you all thinking the same thing here – babies dont reslove relationships…in fact i feel that having them to save a relationshio is what triggers some of these big problems – hence – like my colleague once said Pandemic of single mums.

Like honestly – I personally feel that if these two have another baby before getting to understand each others weakeness and strengths…the next breakup might be their last.

Wait…ngoja, mimi sio kamati ya ile roho but honestly if Arrowbwoy tactic to better his relationship with Ms Mukami is having more babies….then Nadia better run like a psychopath escaping an asylum because that there is a huge red flag! Yaaas i said what I said. Its a red flag!

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