Businessmen Peter David Leparakwo and Fredrick Kimemia charged with defrauding NHIF 1.5Billion

Two senior citizens were today arraigned at a Nairobi court facing charges of conspiracy to defraud National Hospital Insurance Fund of a parcel of land measuring approximately 9.25 hectares.

The said land situated at Karen Plains road is valued at Ksh 1,500,000,000.

The two accused persons Peter David Leparakwo and Fredrick Kimemia Kimani are said to have conspired to defraud NHIF the said land on diverse dates October 29,2013 and August 25,2016.

Peter David Leparakwo was charged separately with forging land title deed for the said land purporting it to be genuine prepared and issued by Chief Land Registrar.

Fredrick Kimemia Kimani was also charged with forging letter of allotment dated August 1,2000 purporting it to be genuine and valid letter issued by commissioner of lands in the ministry of lands.

Further, he was charged with forging registration certificate of incorporation dated October 28, 1987 pretending it to be genuine and issued by the registrar of companies.

The accused persons appearing before Milimani Chief Magistrate Lucas Onyina denied the charges and were released on a cash bail of Ksh 400,000.

The case will be mentioned on May 29, 2023 for pretrial.