D-Day for Former TV Anchor Jacque Maribe, Jowie as the court is set to deliver the murder verdict

Former TV anchor Jacque Maribe and ex-fiance’ Joseph Irungu alias Jowie will know their fate tomorrow as court is set to deliver the final judgment.

Justice Grace Nzioka will on Friday rule whether the two are guilty or not in the murder of businesswoman Monica Kimani.

The two were charged in 2018 for the murder of Monica who was found dead in her bathtub at her house in Lamuria Gardens.

After close of five years since the case began curtains are finally closing on the case with the court expected to give its judgment after hearing the evidence from the both the prosecution and the defence.

In March this year, Justice Nzioka placed Maribe and Jowie on their defence saying the prosecution had adduced sufficient evidence to place their defence.

They have both denied killing Monica and urged court to find them not guilty for the offence of murder.

However, the prosecution on their part asked the court to find both guilty of murder saying they each played a role in the murder of Monica.