Dangerous advocate Edward Libendi Anguche in court for injuring a Kenyan by shooting at a petrol station

An advocate of the High Court accused of injuring a man by shooting at a petrol station was on Monday charged before the court.

Edward Libendi Anguche was accused that while armed with a firearm make Glock, he discharged indiscriminately thereby occasioning harm and injury to Stephen Omujulwa.

He allegedly committed the offence on March 26 at a petrol station in Adams along Ngong Road in Kilimani.

Anguche is said to be the head of litigation Senate

He denied the charges before Milimani chief magistrate Lukas Onyina and through his lawyer pleaded for lenient bond terms.

He said the accused is an advocate and a civil servant.

The court was told Anguche is a family man and he is presumed innocent.

He works in Nairobi and has reasons to attend court when required. He is not a flight risk, the lawyer argued.

The prosecution did not object to bond but urged the court to exercise its discretion while granting bond terms.

The magistrate released him on a cash bail of Sh50,000.

The case will be mentioned after two weeks.

The prosecution has listed four witnesses to testify in the case.