Diamond Platnumz is right – most women want him for his money & success

Diamond Platnumz

Tanzanian super star Diamond Platnumz has lately been making music that makes sense to his East African fans. A new style (not so new) that is getting him crazy numbers in just hours and we saw this with Yatapita and Zuwena.

Singer Diamond Platn

Anyway with that said, i recently came across a video of the singer claiming no woman would have ever loved him if broke….which is partially true – keeping in mind Wema Sepetu dated him way before he had money.


However he seems to have forgotten this now that he has all the money an artist like himself would need….. hence the video where he questioned women on whether they would love him if broke.

Well, its a good question comimg from him but at the same time we understand he likes his women a bit too boujee which helps us answer his question….that is – no his type would never look at him if broke.

Diamond Platnumz replaces Donna with look alike

Money buys everything – but happiness

Looking at some of his ex girlfriends i.e Zari Hassan, Tanasha Donna and Director Majani’s daughter – i can confidently confirm that if not for the money, fame and soft lifestyle he currently has – believe it or not – Diamond Platnumz would have never bagged these women.

These are not the type to sympathize with a man because he has a good heart….ooliskia wapi? And yes – Dimaond Platnumz is blame for this because as much as he wants women with class and those that turn heads…..he eventually has to pay to maintain their appearance.

And with that…i guess all his relationships will always be a form of trade in that He gives his women good lifestyles….and they make him look good.

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