Eric Omondi Hailed By Kenyans After Demonstrating For The High Cost Of Living

Eric Omondi’s repertoire in challenging the Government has earned him the title ‘hero’ in town for his demonstration in Parliament; admonishing the government to lower the high cost of living.

Omondi was leading a group of well-built, shirtless young men in demonstrations, where they demanded the Government to lower the cost of living.

The youths were carrying placards written “high cost of living” high cost of electricity” “stima juu, taxi juu” among other publications.

Eric Omondi arrested by the police for staging demonstration outside  parliament ·

The youths, who were demonstrating outside Parliament, demanded an audience with National Assembly Speaker Moses Wetangula.

The youths attempted to gain entry into Parliament Buildings after the National Assembly Speaker took too long to come out and address them.

The police had to lob teargas canisters to disperse the rowdy youths as they struggled to force their way into Parliament Buildings.

The police engaged the youth in running battles before they were rounded up

Protests outside Parliament paralysed transport on Parliament Road for more than 30 minutes.

Celebrities who supported Eric Omondi’s move include KRG the Don, YouTuber Mungai Eve, Ringtone Apoko, Priscilla Waimani.

Eric was bailed out shortly after his court hearing. But he vowed to continue with his quest. He shared through a video on his Instagram & claimed that he would continue until the cost of living is lowered by the President.

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