Eric Omondi’s plan to settle down is the best decision he ever made

Eric Omondi just proposed to the his new found love, Lynne a young lady that we all feel could make the perfect wife for the comedian especially since they have a 10 plus years age difference.


His latest proposal comes about 3 years after his fiance Chantal Grazioli called their engagement off claiming they had personal reasons holding them back….but come to think of it – i feel like took too much time staying engagement and this may have created doubts for Chantal.

Anyway 3 years later and the comedian is back to asking yet another long term girlfriend to marry him. Yes, Eric Omondi recently proposed to the love of his life Lynne who (of course) said yes….and finally looks like Eric Omondi is finally to settle down at 40 something years.

Why now?

Well at his age – Eric Omondi has had his fun and at 40 – all he can do is settle down with a good girl ready to play wife and if lucky – mother to his kids.

I mean pretty much soon all that energy he carries around will fade off….and did i mention that raising kids at this age will leave you fatigued to a point that you feel the day you will finally rest for sure if when you die? Trust me, parenting can age you faster than you may think.

Anyway as for Eric Omondi – i guess this wont be such a hustle since his girlfriend is still quite young and energetic to have their kids back to back….but the most important part is that he finally bagged himself a woman that matches his energy.

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