Evil Prevails As Unholy Catholic Nuns Take Over Fatima Mission Hospital

Weeks ago, this blog reported about the controversy surrounding Fatima Mission Hospital in Ongata Rongai, Kajiado North, as the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary, a group of nuns backed by the Catholic Diocese of Ngong attempt a forceful takeover of operations.

The situation has taken a turn for the worse as these nuns have illegally seized control of the facility.

This raging tide of drama began on Friday, March 3, 2023, after the nuns arrived at the hospital, proclaiming themselves as the new management.

However, their attempt to forcefully enter the facility was met with resistance from the medical professionals who stood their ground.

After their attempt to forcefully enter the facility failed, they called a quick meeting at the hospital’s outdoor garden and presented their agenda.

The existing staff, who have gone unpaid for the last five months, expressed fear that they could be kicked out without receiving their outstanding dues.

During that meeting, the nuns remained noncommittal on signing off the delayed paychecks, which amount to hundreds of thousands.

Two weeks later, it appears that evil has prevailed as the nuns sent out a notice to all Fatima Mission Hospital supportive staff, informing them to reapply for their current job posts.

The interviews are set for Thursday, 23rd March 2023.

Fatima Mission Hospital

Fatima Mission Hospital

Employees, however, suspect that this is a ploy by the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary, the new management, to push them out without paying their dues in full.

Some of the workers have worked there for over 30 years, and feel mistreated.

After receiving the notice on Friday, 17th March 2023, the existing staff held an emergency meeting to chart the way forward after receiving the letter.

Speaking to us on Sunday, 19th March 2023, the workers affirmed they have decided not to reapply nor sign any document regarding the same.

They have further accused Chief Gitau of Nkaimurunya Ward of helping the nuns commit these heinous acts and providing them with security whenever they make their intimidating visits to Fatima Hospital.

As things stand, the workers have only been paid December salaries.

January, February, and March remain unpaid.

The November salary was partly paid by the previous administration before most of the officials resigned.

However, the HR Alfred Yambo and the accountant are still there, leaving the current staff in a state of limbo.

The existing staff have agreed to seek an audience with Mr Yambo on Monday morning to know why they are being asked to reapply for their job when they are permanent and pensionable.

They want to be paid their dues in full after which they will willingly leave.

This situation has left many questioning the actions of the Catholic Diocese of Ngong and the nuns in charge of Fatima Mission Hospital.

The government must step in to make sure that the workers’ rights are upheld and that justice is done.

The takeover of Fatima Mission Hospital by the Evangelizing Sisters of Mary is not only unholy but also illegal.

The Kenyan labour laws clearly state that all employees should be given at least a one-month notice before being sacked, and their dues should be paid in full.

The fact that the current employees were not given any notice, and are being asked to reapply for their jobs, without any guarantee of receiving their outstanding dues, is a clear violation of these laws.

It is disheartening to see that the nuns, who are supposed to represent the teachings of the Catholic Church, have resorted to such unlawful and unethical practices.

We will keep an eye on this developing story and bring you the latest updates as they unfold on Monday.

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