Ex-Girlfriend charged with beating man news bae , beating up the man and damaging his Car

Elizabeth Matayan at the Kibera Law Court

Elizabeth Matayan at the Kibera Law Court

Elizabeth Matayan is a woman in trouble after she was charged for not only attacking a fellow woman but also causing her grievous bodily harm.

The rage didn’t stop there as Matayan also assaulted a man who was in the company of the woman and damaged parts of his car.

Matayan had her day in court at the Kibera Law Court where she was accused of assaulting a man and a lady who was with him.

She was charged with causing grievous harm to the lady after causing her injuries to her eyes. The man was allegedly injured on the forehead.

Matayan also faced the third count of damaging the rear passenger window of a motor vehicle with damages valued at Sh12,000 contrary to the law.

Before Kibera Chief Magistrate Ann Mwangi, the accused person denied the charges and pleaded for a lenient bond term.

The magistrate released her on Sh200,000 bonds with an alternative cash bail of Sh100,000 with the surety of the same amount.

The court also directed that the accused person be supplied with all the witness statements and documentary evidence that the prosecution intended to rely on during the entire trial.

The court also directed that the matter be mentioned on September 26 for pre-trials and further directions.