Exposed: Detectives have identified her as a minor aged between 15 and 17 years old.

Screengrab of CCTV footage that captured the suspect going over a perimeter wall circumvented with razor wire fence at Woodley Annexe on September 15, 2023.

Screengrab of CCTV footage that captured the suspect going over a perimeter wall circumvented with razor wire fence at Woodley Annexe on September 15, 2023.

Detectives have unravelled the identity of the prime suspect in the gruesome murder of Nairobi Hospital Acting Finance Director Eric Maigo saying she’s a minor aged between 15 to 17 years old.

Maigo was found dead in his house at Woodley Annexe on the morning of September 15 having been stabbed 25 times.

But even as the whereabouts of the suspect remain unknown, officers on Friday found the clothes she was wearing on the morning she was captured on CCTV camera jumping over a security wall on the morning of the murder.

The blood-soaked clothes were found at her house in Kibera slums but she was nowhere to be seen.

The CCTV footage shows that the suspect likely suffered serious cuts on her body, particularly the stomach and hands, as she struggled to detangle herself from the razor wire fence circumvented atop the perimeter wall.

She enters the frame of the CCTV camera at a different compound from the victim’s at 6.29am and attempts to go over the fence by stepping on a water tank.

For about two minutes, she remained motionless and appeared to be sucking her left-hand thump continuously.

She then waved at someone inside the compound peeped over the face and appeared to be talking to someone on the outside whilst her left leg remained stretched on top of the perimeter wall.

After a few seconds of trying to get over the wall, she seemingly abandoned the idea, climbed down and headed to the main gate.

She returned almost immediately and waved at a woman seen busying herself inside the house’s kitchen after she found the gate locked.

For several minutes, she is seen engaging in a conversation with a lady who emerged from the compound’s servant’s quarter while repeatedly using hand gestures with her right hand.

Her left hand remained in her black and red checked jumper’s pocket all the while, intermittently taking it out for split seconds.

The lady in the kitchen peeped through the window apparently after she noticed the resident tenant talking to someone close to the house.

The lady from the servant quarter then moves closer and appears to be dissuading the suspect from going over the razor fence. The lady in the house has at this point moved to the kitchen veranda.

Their pleas apparently fell on deaf ears as the suspect stood on top of the perimeter wall, razor wire fence notwithstanding, ready to jump.

Her initial attempt failed and she fell tummy first on the razor wire and metal spikes cemented on top of the perimeter wall as the two ladies watched.

After a short struggle, she managed to detangle her left leg from the razor wire fence, positioned herself then jumped and disappeared from the camera frame at 6.37am.

A different CCTV camera captured her taking sandals from the front door of a different house and heading straight to the main gate of the estate in haste.

A schoolchild is seen following her as she exits.

The watchman told Citizen TV he did not question her as he assumed she was a house help who was taking the child to a school bus that had just pulled up outside the compound.