‘Fear Women’-Sandra Dacha Teaches Us That Women Are Not To Be Trusted

As they say, the worst enemy of a woman is a woman. And actress Sandra Dacha has confirmed the saying after taking to her social media to calibrate why women friends should not be trusted easily.

The mother of one, known to be lovers with comedian Akuku Danger, has complained of how she was snatched her boyfriend by a fellow friend last year.


She explained that her friend did not give a damn about her feelings and even belittled her; claiming that the boyfriend was never hers in the first place.

”I will one day tell you a story of how last year in August just before elections, I found out a lady I considered a friend was dating a guy we had started having a ka thing with…and she chest thumped that she can never answer to me and that the man was never mine???. Mind you she met him through me as we hang out together ?. Let me tell you Maina, I crode????????

To cut the long story short, Women are their own worst enemies…never ever loose friendship over a man. HAPPY VALENTINES❤️

Sandra did not divulge whether it was Akuku Danger who got snatched or she had another guy in mind. But this is not the first time we’re hearing about the complaint by women who snatched boyfriends from their friends. Another reason to fear women

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