Five injured in Thursday fracas in Keroka, Kisii County

At least 5 people were injured Thursday during brief skirmishes in downtown Keroka town between Kisii County enforcement officers and goons.

The enforcement officers were deployed Thursday to regain control of a revenue collection point often patronized by revenue officers from yamira.

Police have since restored order with business resuming normally, according to Masaba North Sub-county Police Commander Robert Ndambiri

The skirmishes were said to had been a result of tension which has been building up since Tuesday when leaflets ordering traders from Kisii side of the town to pay tax to Nyamira were circulated.

Ichuni Ward Rep Wycliffe Siocha who was at the scene, said the fracas begun when they went to request Nyamira revenue officers to remove the road toll barrier from Kisii side.

“About 5 people, many of them enforcement officers, were injured when the goons from Nyamira side pelted them with stones,” Siocha told the Star.

He reported minor injuries when stones were pelted their way.

Later, representatives from both sides held dialogue at a Keroka hotel and thrashed out the issue.

Siocha said they had reached agreements that Nyamira removes the barriers to await a court determination oh the matter.

” For us it marks a leap forward to ending the madness of fighting for tax collection points,” he told journalists.

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