Forget About The Sponsored And Screaming Headlines About Nita Accountant June Kangogo

It is not about a coffee date or boyfriend fiascos. Ms. Kangogo’s death is has a direct relationship with financial scandals at NITA. We are not aliens arriving from the planet mars to see screaming headlines sponsored to hide that truth. Ms. Kangogo’s brutal murder is associated with a calamity of financial and accounting fraud at NITA’s Finance Department – don’t look elsewhere.

We tell it as it is for purposes of setting the record straight on events connecting the dots as a built up to the brutal murder of our colleague and friend Ms. Kangogo. The straightaway evidence is about financial and accounting fraud which is entertained and authorized by the Director General (DG) Stephen Ogenga in cahoots with two rogue accountants.

When Julius Ndenge (Substantive Manager – Finance) became indisposed of stroke over work related pressure, he was hospitalized and thereafter, he proceeded on a long sick-leave. Thieves took advantage! Thieves Celebrated, Thieves planned and schemed how to steal taxpayers’ money – waliibaaaa!!!..Walikulaaaa!!!..

DG Ogenga, Accountant Thomas Nakitare (De-facto Manager Finance) and Accountant James Nyang’au (Revenue Accountant) entered into a criminal conspiracy and embarked on an intense mission of falsifying and manipulating financial records through creative accounting to siphon millions of taxpayers’ money for their own gain.

The wide-scale fraud at NITA inside two-and-half years saw;-

• Mr. Nyang’au drives a luxurious Mercedes Benz and is rumored to have acquired various properties within Nairobi including Ongata Rongai and Karen.
• Mr. Nakitare has acquired, developed and is developing properties within Njiru and Umoja. We can independently confirm that he has completed;
✓ A four-storey rental flat in Njiru and
✓ A mansion in Njiru currently rented to a Kenyan of Somali Origin.

Mr. Nakitare has also acquired rental properties in Chokaa within the outer environs of Njiru and in Umoja.

• DG Ogenga receives his loot in brown envelopes and since his family is based in Botswana, our source is unable to identify where he invests his cut running into millions.


❖ The absence of Mr. Ndenge from office rendered Finance Department a fertile ground for criminal conspiracy by Mr. Ogenga, Mr. Nakitare and Mr. Nyang’au due to their salient appetite for taxpayers’ money. Creative accounting and first lane attention was given to payment vouchers associated with their interests as they shamelessly defrauded NITA.
❖ Accountants on Temporary Terms of Service (TEs) were roped into this criminal web, used under unlawful instructions in processing of financial instruments related to the mega-fraud and act as conduits with handsome monetary rewards. The death of Ms. Kangogo was conceived here – don’t look elsewhere.

Allan Wafula Matete, Timothy Masika Chetegei and June Jerop Kangogo were the critical accountants and facilitating midwifes intensively bankrolled into the fraud owing to their vulnerable terms of service, Mkubwa amesema or hii ni mambo ya Omwami ‘(DG Ogenga)’ …. Says Nakitare the temporary Boss in Finance Department. NITA’s taxpayers’ money ended up in the hands of opportunistic thieves in the trio ofDG Ogenga, Nakitare & Nyang’au. NITA bled from here, sema blatant theft of taxpayers’ money supported and facilitated by an accounting officer having the support and highest commendation of the FKE/COTU representatives shamelessly sitting at the NITA Board – why is a section of the NITA Board in a matrimonial bed with a thief of taxpayers’ monies?
❖ TEs at NITA earn at maximum Ksh 43,000 in cumulative salary whereas those in Finance Department and Levy Administration are shamelessly and publicly showing off in social media high-end lifestyles literally above their pay-grades. Just visit the Facebook & Instagram pages of Tim Chetegei to satisfy yourselves with a lifestyle literally non-commensurate with the lifestyle of a public servant earning a meager Ksh. 43,000 Kenyan salary.
❖ Allan Wafula Matete and the current person of interest in Ms. Kangogo’s murder are close relatives of Timothy Masika/Chetegei/Nalyanya (an employee on many aliases). As accountants on a common assignment ya wakubwa and Omwami DG Ogenga, the sweetness of black money motivated our innocent colleague and friend to be lured into a relationship with Jesse.
❖ Allan would later oexit NITA mysteriously over the black money and with the passionate relationship ongoing, Ms. Kangogo bought a black Mercedes Benze in Jesse’s name to cheat the system in the Kenyan way of thieving to avoid suspicion. Gari ilijipata Bungoma. Ms. Kangogo wanted her beast back but since it was in Allan’s name, the conversation transited to ‘’NOT OVER MY DEAD BODY’. The rest tunaachia DCI. Ms. Kangogo was occasionally and discreetly picked up by a black Mercedes Benz from NITA after work.    
❖ DG Ogenga acted through Ms. Kangogo to earn himself outrageous imprest advances up to Ksh. 1,000,000 or thereabout. This girl was not his Executive Secretary or an employee with critical portfolio. The same imprest was surrendered using fictitious receipts designed and manufactured somewhere in Land Mawe in Industrial Area, Nairobi.
❖ THE MONSTER IN THE HOUSE: Ms. Kangogo’s Bank Account was flagged off on several occasions by the Bank over suspicious financial activities involving huge amounts of electronic funds transfers from NITA. However, questions arising from the Bank to NITA with regard to the suspicious trend of financial activities in Ms. Kangogo’s account were assigned to the Defacto Finance chief in town Mr. Nakitare who offered lukewarm and downplaying ordinary answers in attempts to provide a justification depicting authorized, ordinaryand normal  remittances to her account –some NITA Board of Directors areshamelessly in bed with such thieves stealing taxpayers’ monies broad daylight.
❖ FINANCE DEPARTMENT at NITA and office the DG should be declared in no uncertain terms as first primary scenes of crime. The culprits who initiated the financial scam or fraud at NITA are DG Ogenga, Mr. Nakitare & Mr. Nyang’au. The black money racket and in fights over themillions of taxpayers’ monies is directly linked to the brutal murder of our colleague and comrade Ms. Kangogo. The Mercedes Benz belonged to Ms. Kangogo and Allan in connivance with his kin Timothy and Jesse deemed it fit to extinguish her from within to acquire the Mercedes Benz, the flat in South B and the million highly suspected to be in her Bank Account.
❖ DG Stephen Ogenga as the Accounting Officer is directly responsible and he shouldbe called explain to the NITA Board & DCI detectives why Ms. Kangogo was a recipient of obscene and outrageous imprest advances whereas this was an employee on Temporary Terms of Service. This is a shocking revelation factoring in that DG Stephen Ogenga was directly involved in connivance with other Accountants in swindling scam to defraud NITA taxpayers’ in black money – a biblical thief religiously entertained, acclaimed, supported and adored by FKE/COTU representatives sitting at the NITA Board – a pathological liar and a certified thief – MWIZI.
❖ Why was June, a TE tasked to control the NITA VOTE – BOOK? The whole scam is here! Manipulation of vote-heads to facilitate grand theft.  

To keep the main objective on sight as to unraveling the brutal murder of Ms. Kangogo, and to enable the DCI sleuths from Kiambu Road to get a through pass to where the rubber meets the road, Finance Department and office of the DG Stephen Ogenga must be subjected to a thorough and  independent forensic investigation to establish how the complex interplay of criminal conspiracy through financial and accounting fraud rendered a direct contribution to the brutal murder of Ms. June Jerop Kangogo.

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