Good girl Maureen Waititu gone bad? Posts never seen photos of new sexy body

Maureen Waititu has been working on herself since her ugly breakup with Frankie Just Gym It who dumped her for greener pastures (Corazon Kwamboka) who also….hmmmm unfortunately also dumped the fella as soon as their daughter was born…and yes – the player himself was left alone and back to fishing on dating apps – which of course are a hustle.

Maureen Waititu

Anyway with her having spent enough time crying over a failed relationship – Maureen Waititu finally decided to work on herself and so far – we can see the efforts she has been putting on her mental health and physical health paying off.

For starters we believe she (just like Catherine Kamau and Kinuthia) had the gastric balloon procedure done – and judging from her latest photos – Yasss Maureen Waititu has not only lost weight but is slowly aging down like Missy Elliot….and thanks to the latest photos….Maureen Waititu looks just wow.


Maureen Waititu bringing sexy back

I don’t know whether it is me – but their is something about Maureen Waititu trying to prove a point on social media and my guess is – she could be single.

I say this because back when she was dating her alleged foreign boyfriend – Maureen Waititu preferred keeping a low profile….claiming oh privacy this,  privacy that….but now…she is all over social media dishing half dressed photos and her wasp like waist to the thousands of fans watching.

Well…I would call this marketing because – it is what it is and just incase you forgot that our celebrities survive on clout……and therefore having Maureen share her sexy body photos on social media proves that yea – sex sells and the  online streets are best at doing this!

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