Harmonize is just bitter with Kajala on social media – but deep down inside he really misses her

Kondegang CEO Harmonize is a soft gentle man who has been searching for the perfect woman to settle down but each time he meets someone new….they end up having more interest in his bank accounts and not the love he has in his heart.

For some reason – i feel like the sensitive village boy in him never left despite him having moved to the city, changed his style and even made millions under his name. Its like he got everything he ever prayed for – but the village boy in him remains a hopeless romantic….and problem is – these city girls hapana tambua mapenzi, kazi ya roho ni kuchapa damu imiendaga…

I say this because just the other day we saw him luring Kajala with money, Range Rovers, vacations and crazy shopping – right? Like for him – money helps him bag women he never thought he would get but problem is…..despite all that money – these women never get past the fact that he is a simp…and as you know – most city girls like their men different in that…bad boy vibes.


But as you can see….Harmonize has alot of d
Drake feelings inside him and for that reason – he comes off needy hence women use him to their advantage.

Harmonize playing victim

Well if you think i am exaggerating this – then tell me why Harmonize has all of a sudden started sharing unknown details of his past relationship with Kajala?

Maybe its just me but what i see is a bitter man crying over spilt milk now that he knows Kajala will not be coming back. I mean, why also accuse her of robbing him where he was willing to spoil her…or is it that he feels the money he invested in her went to waste now that she has moved on with her life? Maybe.

But – uh at this point I feel like maybe Harmonize should learn a thing on why foreign artists don’t fall in love with strippers (not that I think Kajala is one) but trust me….he should Google this information as soon as he completes his therapy sessions. I insist.

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