Heshima Idumu!- Eric Omondi & Obinna Exchange Blows At Kiss FM Studios (Photos)

Eric Omondi’s beef with fellow jester Oga Obinna has taken a bitter twist as the two exchanged blows while in studio earlier today.


According to Obinna, Eric Omondi is not worth interviewing since he only trash talks musicians and other comedians. For this reason, Obinna claims he hates him unconditionally. The two have not been in good terms and Obinna even threatened to leave his job if Eric showed up for the interview; which was pre-arranged by his current co-host Kwambox for today morning.

Obinna shared photos to show how their fist fight went down and captioned;

”’I’ve dealt with him.

Ndio mwanzo.. na iwe funzo.
You are very lucky I didn’t hold you properly..

Netizens have however termed their act as a clout chasing tactic for their upcoming project.


Below are some of the photos.

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