Higher utilization of cancer screening may explain the higher cancer cases in Nairobi, says Dr.Catherine Nyongesa

Renowned and Celebrated Cancer expert Catherine Nyongesa has weighed in and clarified on why there are many Cancer cases in Nairobi.

Speaking to the press today, Nyongesa, who is the founder of  Texas Cancer Centre said that higher utilisation of cancer screening services may explain the higher cases of cancer in Nairobi.

“Higher utilization of cancer screening services may  contribute to higher rates of cancer cases observed in Nairobi,” she noted.

She also said that unlike in Rural areas, City residents easily access various screening facilities.

“Studies have found that rural residents have lower rates of cancer screening, moreover majority of cancer treatment centres are located in Nairobi” she added

She again called on Kenyans to do regular screening and avoid dangerous lifestyle that can cause them cancer.

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Recently the Medic adviced President William Ruto’s government to invest more in all activities that will reduce cancer related cases in the country .

Nyongesa also in the previous sessions urged players to close the gap between diagnosis and treatment.

“The world has greatly advanced in cancer prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. But many are denied basic care and that equity gap costs lives,” Dr. Nyongesa said.Nyongesa noted that education, geographical location, and discrimination either by ethnicity, race, gender, age, disability are among the leading causes of the widening gap of access to care.

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