Hii imeenda! Stevo Simple boy’s decision to keep new wife off social media is smart

Once bitten…twice shy and after waiting for long to see whether Stevo Simple will crawl back to Pritty Vishy….turns out he already closed that chapter of his life and is now a happily married man to his new wife.

I know, i know…youre all thinking hizi ni zile vipindi tumezoea and maybe youre right but judging from Stevo’s recent interview – I can confidentially confirm hii ni kama imeenda. Yes, despite losing his dear dad – Stevo says he is a man in love and for those wondering – yes, he is also married.


Okay, maybe not married married since the government already announced come we stay dont qualify as marriage – but for sure Stevo has a special someone he now refers to as bibi aka wifey. The artist revealed this while speaking on an interview where he opened up on his latest catch but unlike the first time he went public with his relationship with Vishy….man Stevo says this time around he is all about privacy.

He who finds a wife – finds a good thing

Well, I must applaud the fella for being mindful of his own mental health and that of his new wife by not exposing his relationship online.

Stivo Simple boy spotted with ex, Pritty

I say this because the online streets have never been the happiest place to share good news…yaani the number of haters and kamati ya roho chafu roaming around just preying on who to attack has grown from 80% to 99.9%.

Just ruthless keyboard warriors leaving some of the nastiest comments a human being can read and others – professional at body shaming….I mean, you remember how it went with vishy – right?

So yea – as much as we may want to see the new lady warming Stevo’s bed…I must commend him for keeping his love life private….but judging from how his management works, maybe this wont stay private for too long. No?

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