I will not fold No Peu party Aburi says

I will not fold No Peu party Aburi says

Tigania East MP Mpuru Aburi has said he will not dissolve his party National Ordinary People Empowerment Union (No Peu).

Aburi is the party leader of National Ordinary People Empowerment Union.

Aburi spoke to delegates during National Delegates Conference in Meru at the Meru National Polytechnic on Saturday evening.

He told the delegates they should not be worried since the party is there to stay.

The Tigania East MP said he will support President William Ruto leadership.

“In the coming elections in 2027 we are going to field candidates in all the seats expect the Presidential seat,” he said.

The legislator said the party is not only in Meru but across the country.

“The party is in Kisii,Mombasa Ukambani,North Eastern and other parties,” Aburi said.

He said the party is solidly supporting President William Ruto development agenda.

“I was being told to fold my party and join other parties but I don’t have power to do it I have to consult delegates and delegates do not want it dissolved because it is of ordinary Kenyans,” he said.

Aburi said he had spoken.to President William Ruto to revive the dwindling Miraa sector.

“He assured me the government will do more to help Miraa farmers,” he said.

He said the party will conduct fresh recruitment in grassroots to have new members and market itself early before the polls.

On Nyambene being a county he said all those county council were made into counties.

“Meru county council,Embu county council and Isiolo were all made counties it is only Nyambene that was left out,” Aburi said.

He said Meru is big and ought to be split into two.

“There are nine constituencies and there is a proposal for additional three more,” he said.

Aburi said residents of Nyambene have even proposed it be given number 47 among the county numbers.

Nominated MCA Kiriinya Mwenda said they are demanding for Nyambene county.

“If Kuria is pushing to have a county and they have only three constituencies why should we not push for a county in Meru and we have about nine constituencies” he said.

Mikinduri MCA Julius Miriti also pushed for the division of the county.

He said as Meru they will push for it.

Former MCA Julius Mbijiwe also echoed the sentiments.


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