It’s not me who fired her but Healthy U 2000 Limited, Manager accused of sexually harrasing a female employee leading to her termination throws the company under the bus

Even after we exposed the Rot at the Healthy U 2000 Limited in which expired and contaminated products are on their shelves, and where female employees are sexually harrassed, another issues has popped up.

Mr.Hillary Oyando , a man accused of demanding Sex in exchange of good working conditions from a female employees has already betrayed the company in court.

” I am not the one who fired her, it’s not my responsibility to fire but my company did,” Oyando has told the court in response to the suit.

The contraversial man who still works with the company has however denied sexually harrasing the woman as alledged but the wassap messages he sent to the woman openly says otherwise, they have been filed in court too.

This revelation now puts the contraversial Healthy U 2000 Limited at cross road and it may soon pay millions in compensation.

Our expose’ also revealed some disturbing rots in which an insider of the company revealed to us how expired and fake products are filled in the company’s shelves putting Kenyans lifes at risk.

The DCI, EACC, KEBS and other state organs are yet to act as Kenyans to continue to assimilate gradual poison from the company

All this issues came to light after a woman at the centre of all this injustices moved to court seeking justice against a Healthy U 2000 Limited manager who alledgly demanded sex from her in exchange of good working conditions and promotions.

The female employee was later fired and sent parking after declining the said rots.

Text messages from Oyando to the woman badly exposed how his behaviour are.

On the matter of fake , expired and Dangerous product at the company, our insider who wanted to remain in privacy, the company possess several expired and sub-standard products that is currently being distributed to the market hence putting the lives of innocent Kenyans at stake.

Several customers now wants KEBS, DCI and other state agencies to move with speed and stop the mess.
They also wants the managing director and the Chief Executive Officer be investigated for abeiting the above illegalities.

” One of our colleague had posted on his Twitter on how this company has been selling expired and fake products to non-suspecting customers, we are worried on the impact they may cause in them” said an employee within the Company.

Efforts to reach a former employee who had posted the expired products on his Twitter and later deleted after he was alledgly bought some ,” lunch ” failed to materialised as his phone did not go through .

According to experts the company being hit with both sexual scandals and dangerous products that has been released to the public for human consumption is a red flag that needs to be stripped down.

In court the woman who was a former employee of the company has laid down her case in which Mr.Hillary Oyando , the then company manager sexually harrassed her and later dismissed her from employment.
violated, she was sexually harrassed and her rights were breached,” said the lawyer .

The lawyer further states that the woman was illegally dismissed from her employment where she has a contract right away from 2019.

” She was asked to write a show cause letter on how some loyalty points got lost at the ABC place where she was working , she explained how a customer won them and promised to follow up but she never succeeded, all this was because of sexual Harrassment,” the court papers reads in part.

She also operated Sarit Centre and Two Rivers mall.

The lawyer on behalf of the woman now wants, the court to declare that the woman was illegally terminated, was sexually harrassed by the Manager. And direct that all her2000 salary totalling to Sh1.5Million be paid.

The court papers shower that the woman has been summoned on various
occassions by cops from Muthangari Police station