I’ve paid all taxes, stop tarnishing my family name – Mama Ngina tells Ruto, allies

Former First Lady Mama Ngina Kenyatta has fired back at President William Ruto and his allies over the allegations that her family have been tax cheats for the period his son Uhuru Kenyatta was in power.

In video footage accessed by the Star, Mama Ngina, without mentioning names, appeared appalled by reports claiming that her family dodged paying taxes.


Mama Ngina, who was addressing a church function in Lamu, expressed her disappointment in the manner in which her family name was soiled over the tax issue.

Mama Ngina

The former first lady said the due process of the law should be followed in addressing the matter rather than soiling people’s names.

“Hakuna haja ya kuaribia wengine Majina na mimi ndio watu wasikike wanafanya kazi. Hapana, Mtu ashtakiwe, alipe kile anatakiwa kulipa,” Mama Ngina said.

Loosely translates to: “There is no need of spoiling my name and that of others so that you can be seen to be working. Let those accused be taken to court and pay what he or she is supposed to pay”.

She went on to dare the state to auction her properties in the event she is discovered to have failed to remit her tax obligation.

Mama Ngina said the attacks meted out on her family are unfair and false further challenging the state to come clean on the issue instead of politicking.

“Na Kama ni mimi, ata kama sijalipa kwa mwaka moja, mali ichukuliwe ilipe tax kwa sababu ni lazima. Hakuna haja ya kufanya kazi ya kisiasa ya hivi na kule. Na Si kweli kwamba sijalipa tax. Na watu wanajua hawasemi ukweli ,” she added

Loosely translates to: “If it is me who has not paid for even a single year let my property be auctioned to pay that tax because it is a must. There is no need for politicking. It is not true that I have not paid tax and people know they are not saying the truth”.

link source:https://www.the-star.co.ke/news/2023-02-04-ive-paid-all-taxes-stop-tarnishing-my-family-name-mama-ngina-tells-ruto-allies/

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