Jimal Rohosafi is a bitter man for sure!

Jimal Rohosafi recently left many of us talking after he shared a couple of posts accusing his ex wife Amira of using witchcraft on him….and as much you’re wondering whether this is true or not…..a section of fans has come out in her defense and from what many say is that Jimal Rohosafi is an entitled man – always playing victim – even when not necessary.



For instance his ex wife’s trip to Tanzania has suddenly become an issue since he assumes she travels all that way to bewitch him….but wait…how would he know? Maybe he is the one visiting medicine men telling him what they want him to hear…that is bibi yako ndio anakuroga…lol i am sure you’ve heard this before.

Anyway from what i have seen on Amira’s status updates is that she travels to Tz for business purposes hence the whitening lotions, soaps and other things she gets from Bongo…which is why many couldn’t understand why Jimal went into a ranting mode – just because his ex is has been catching flights to grow her businesses.


Well, most of the time I have done Jimal related stories I have heard his fans call me bitter…but come on guys….Jimal is just a toxic man and most of yall are afraid to admit this simply because he is a reflection of what you fear confirming about yourself.

I will continue referring to him as a narccist simply because he is one. This is because everytime things don’t go his way – Jimal retaliates by being mean towards his ex wife.

So I am guessing he may have known about the business trip Amira was to make to Tz but because she refused to agree to his terms or maybe refused to postpone it since he had a meeting and couldn’t watch the kids are agreed (I said maybe) – he then created the witchcraft story.

I mean…didn’t yall see how he poured his heart out in an apology dedicated to his wife….then weeks later – Amber Ray tells us alifukuza watoto na mama yao from Syokimau…like wtf! Anyway….as a father of 3 boys – Jimal needs to style up or raise another generation of his kind.

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