Kenneth Mbogori, a man on a mission to bring down KERRA, Shame the state

Kerra is gradually collapsing with increased cases of corruption bribery and kickbacks. It is because of this that More concerned citizens are calling on President William Ruto to immediately Fire Kerra boss Kenneth Mbogori a to bring the state organisation back to life.

This comes after more articles on the same have been brought down to cover up the rot.

The problem start beating Mbogori and his Kerra after an intensive report exposed from an insider, who doubles as a whistle blower revealed that engineers based at the Kerra Nairobi region offices along Dunga road industrial area, we the most corrupt.

“My friend just visit this office , you will be shocked, Mr Mbogori is never seen in the office, and when you see him, he comes to draft deals of how he will get kick-backs from contractors,” the source said.

It added, ” you will be surprised even, this man comes at the office almost once in a month,” it added.

Some local media reports also says that Mbogori is so relaxed that he does not care no matter what complaints are raised against him.

“He does not care at all and even we have roads that have been done hurriedly after numerous complaints were made. For instance in Karen, hbd Ngara and even in Mathare. We suspect his connection with the Director-General has made him a don’t care man,” said the source.
Furthermore, reports have also emerged that there has been misuse of funds in the Nairobi office.

“We operate like we are in a jungle. Either you report to work or not that is your problem. Our boss has shown us. Why can’t our president do something because the reality is that we have problems in Nairobi,” said the source.

The local media reports also states that regional top officials linked to corruption are living under the fear they could be picked up at any time for interrogation.

According to sources, top managers in nairobi have registered firms using and operated by relatives and friends as proxies that win lucrative tenders and payments made promptly.

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