Kenya to received Sh14B for Haiti mission

The government of Kenya is set to receive $100 million (Sh14.7 billion) from the United States of America in support of its mission in Haiti.


President William Ruto has committed to deploying over 1,000 police officers to Haiti to help restore peace and security in the country.


In August, a Kenyan security team on an assessment mission to Haiti visited the Caribbean nation and briefed Ruto on their findings.



While in Haiti, the team met Prime Minister Ariel Henry, members of his government and leaders of the High Council of the Transition (HTC) on their tour of the country.


Ruto had during his trip to New York last week, agreed to offer assistance to the proposed UN Security Mission to Haiti which will be led by Kenya.


He made the announcement after meeting the Dominican Republic President Luis Abinader.


“We resolved to work together to bring peace and stability to Haiti. The grateful Dominican Republic will establish a mission in Nairobi,” Ruto said.


The head of state’s decision received commendation from US President Joe Biden.


Biden said that the international body must continue to preserve peace, prevent conflict and alleviate human suffering globally.


“We embrace nations stepping up to lead new ways and to seek new breakthroughs on hard issues. For example in Haiti, the Caribbean communities facilitated a dialogue among Haitian society,” Biden said.



“I thank President William Ruto of Kenya for his willingness to serve as the lead nation of a UN-backed security support system.”


Defence Cabinet Secretary Austin Lloyd in his tour of Kenya on Monday said once the anticipated peacekeeping mission to Haiti undergoes all legal requirements, Kenya shall be ready to offer a key leadership role to bring peace to the country.


“This will be in total respect to the human rights of all the civilians in Haiti,” he said.


Austin welcomed Kenya’s decision and commitment to finding peace in Haiti.


“The US shall provide financial and logistical support to make the peace support mission a success.”


Austin also acknowledged Kenya as a strategic partner over the years saying her efforts to fight al-Shabaab militia have brought tremendous results in suppressing the terror group.


“I thank the Kenyan government for hosting US Forces at Manda Bay and the commitment to shared security. Signing a Framework for Defence Cooperation between our two countries reinforces the importance of our strategic partnership,” he said.