Kigame joins Monday protests accusing Ruto of bad leadership

Former presidential aspirant Reuben Kigame has declared support for the Azimio led protests on Monday accusing President William Ruto of bad leadership.

Kigame said his Jenga Mkenga movement and all supporters would join the protests called by Azimio leader Raila Odinga.

Kigame who addressed a press conference at his home in Eldoret said the Kenya Kwanza administration would sink the country is not stopped by Kenyans.

Kigame said they would join the protests not because of political reasons but because of many ills caused by the Kenyan Kwanza administration were painful to Kenyans.

He accused President Ruto’s government of perpetrating ethnic appointments, chronic capitalism, corruption and bad governance

Kigame regretted that tge country was being run like a company owner by a few shareholders yet all Kenyans pay taxes.

He said many Kenyans were starving to death and the education system was on the verge of collapse.

“As Jenga Mkenya movement we will now allow our country to sink and that is why join the demonstrations on Monday” , said Kigame.

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