Kisii Father declared fit for trial over the slaughter of his two children

The prime suspect in the gory slaughter of two children at Kiobegi, Nyamache in Kisii on January 6th is fit to stand trial, a mental assessment report says.

Nelson Ontita was arraigned at Ogembo court before the Magistrate ordered a mental checkup before the case facing him goes full hearing

Ontita 37, is accused of butchering his two daughters in cold blood as his wife tilled at the family farm.

Their bodies had machete cuts to the neck and heads

The children were aged 10 months and 2 years respectfully.

On Sunday, a detective investigating the killing said the father is set to stand full trial after the psychiatric assessment released Friday gave him a clean bill of health.

Earlier , villagers at Kiobegi said Ontita suffered epileptic seizures and that he too had a mental problem that took him to hospital often.

On Sunday, police said they have already lined up a number of witnesses, among them his parents, to testify against him.

Samples and other exhibits collected from the scene have since been subjected to lab analysis to determine connection of the suspect to the killing.

The case will be heard on 23 January 2023.

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