Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital board calls out on politicians for interference

Board officials at the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospita want politicians to steer clear from interfering with the administration of health facilities in the County.

The warning on Sunday comes days after goons raided Nduru Level Five Hospital hospital in South Mugirango and terrorized some medical staff sent to transfer an anesthesia equipment to Keumbu Hospital in Nyaribari Chache.

At least five health personnel , among them a driver, were injured during the incident.

Medical union staff officials have since insisted that no health staff would resume work at Nduru until their security is guaranteed.

On Sunday, the Kisii Teaching and Referral Hospital board chief Kennedy Nyangena said using goons to terrorize health staff only contributes to derail service in hospitals in the region.

“It not only contravenes the acts that founded these facilities but also compromises the independence of the hospital and their ability to provide effective and quality health care services to the public,” the board chief told journalists.

The Board said while it appreciates the greater role played by the political class, any form of interference in public health facilities severely curtails efforts done to improve service delivery.

Such interference, stated Nyangena, exerts pressure on the hospital administrators to implement policies or practices that are not in the best interest of the patients.

“It contributes to reduction of efficiency which we are striving to encourage among our staff ,”Nyangensaid in a statement.

He described the recent raid at Nduru Hospital as unfortunate adding that such activities only erode the morale among staff.

” We strongly urge our politicians to respect the autonomy of all hospital managements and refrain from interfering with their operations,” Nyangena said.

By Friday, none of the staff who withdraw services from Nduru were yet to return to work a fortnight since the incident occurred.

On Tuesday, various medical union officials pressed for the arrest of some politician in South Mugirango who they accused of being behind the chaos at the World Bank funded hospital.

“The buck stops at the County Commissioner because he has failed to heed to all calls for the arrest of the goons captured on the CCTV raiding the facility. We have advised our staff to stay home until their security is guaranteed,”said Lazurus Obwoge, chairman of the Kenya Clinicians Union, Kisii branch.

Obwoge was flanked by Moses Rianga, Kenya Nurses Union branch Secretary.


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