Kisumu protestors chases away CS Owalo, CA boss Ezra Chilaba, eats foods, breaks chairs and plates

The event which was organized the the Communicatio Authourity ended prematurely as people fold theor belongings and packed ready to leave.

The protestors had just finalized the anti government protest called by Azimio Leader Raila odinga ahead of March 20th demos calledin Nairobi.

From the state Lodge, the demonstrators stormed the venue to seek audience with the ICT and Digital Economy CS Eliud Owalo.

They claimed Owalo was being used to by the President William Ruto led admistartion to destabilise the region and go against their leader Raila.

However Owalo didn’t attend the function and only Communication Authority Boss Ezra Chiloba officially opened the event.

Chilloba and a host of other leaders at the function were forced to leave in a huff after it became apparent that things were getting out of hand.

The local after not getting the CS went straight to the catering tent, where they took the food that they found there chased away people and ate everything and broke plates and cups that were in the tent.

One of the local asked ” But where do this poeple get this sweet and nice food with this hard economic Times,”

Another asked those who were present in the function why they were not participating in the demos called by Raila.

“You can’t come to Kisumu to celebrate while we are mourning meaning you people are happy this event will not go on,”shouted one of the locals.

At the main events podium, they stormed in and sat on the panelist chairs as others carried away seats, cameras and even glass tools that were in the VIP section including launch seat.

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