State to withdraw murder cases for 10 Karebe gold mines blast that killed 3 people

Protests marked a decision by the state its’ intention not to charge 10 suspects over the murder of Gold miners.
A state counsel, Brenda Oduor, told the court that she had been directed by the ODPP through a telephone conversation of the intention by to withdraw to withdraw the application the 10 suspect faced and not to charge them.
The case that is before the Kapsabet chief magistrate Samuel Mokua had placed the suspects at the murder scene on the January 23rd, 2023 at the Karebe Gold mines blast that claimed the lives of 3 people and seriously injured 6 others.
Lawyers from the Kenya Human Rights commission representing victims and of the mining company protested over what they termed as “verbal decision” demanding a written statement from DPP Noordin Haji.
The KHRC team led by Festus Mbati , Brian Olang’ Jacob Ngwele and Abner Mango for the worker employer-Karebe Gold mines told the court that DPP must write to the court on the reason of the intended withdrawal.
“Three people lost their lives while Six others suffered serious injuries, DCI investigators did their thorough work and placed the suspects before this court at the scene of murder,”
“Now that ODDP has decided not to charge them with the murder, he has a duty to give an explanation to the victims the reasons that guided him into the arrival of such a conclusion.” Festus Mbati said.
Referring to recent decision by DPP to withdraw charges against former interior C.S Fred Matiang’I, Mbati said Haji wrote to providing reasons why he did so yet in the case of gold miners, just made a call.
“While prosecuting criminals was a preserve to the ODPP, the 2010 constitution provides a lee way for citizens to seek justice through “a private prosecution”.
Mbati pleaded to the court not to accept the withdrawal through “a phone call” but demand for a written statement from DPP .
“This matter has a lot of public interest across the nation because we do not want impunity, Karebe Gold mines lost three experienced miners while Six others were nursing injuries, they are seeking justice from the courts,” Olang told the court.
The suspects are represented by R. Kinyanjui who declared the ODPP decision as perfect demanding that his clients be refunded their bail money.
Mokua rulled that he would make a rulling in Aprill 11th 2023 over the matter and that the suspects should continue making weekly report at the Chemase police station.

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