Leaders unite in grief to send of two daughters butchered by father in Kisii

Woman Rep Donya Toto urge couples to give dialogue a chance

Dozens of Kisii political leaders on Monday united in grief to solemnly send off two daughters slaughtered by their father at Kiobegi area in Bobasi a fortnight ago.

County Woman Rep Donya Toto described the killing of the two – Michelle and glory – as gory and an assault on humanity.

She called for scaled up security in the County further urging families to explore other dispute resolution mechanisms to address marital woes than resorting to violence.

“An eye for eye will cause humanity to go blind, let’s embrace peace, let’s remain tolerant of each other even when anger and stress sweep into the marriage institutions,” she told mourners who turned up in hundreds. The two children aged 10 months and 2 years respectively were found butchered in their family farm on the morning of 6th January. .

The bodies had cuts to the necks and heads . Villagers said their father -Nelson Ontita – ran tberserk before killing them in a demonic fit of fury. He has since been arrested and charged at the Ogembo law courts .

On Friday, a mental assessment found him fit to stand trial for murder. During the somber burial, Toto asked the government to ensure perpetrators of such henous incidents are locked up for good.

“We must tame the scourge of insecurity and violence that appear to be growing out of hand,” she said.

She donated foodstuff and clothing to the family.

She was joined by County Assembly Ward Reps who condemned the slaughter.

In separate speeches, they called for enhanced parenting to stem the wanton killing of children.

Callen Magara, an assembly nominee, condemned the slaughter and advised couples to find better solutions for domestic squabbles.

Dolphin Bwari, also a nominee , called for massive sensitization of couples as part of the efforts to address the killings.

Gesusu MCA Anthony Onkundi said domestic squabbles cannot be squared out by weapons but through tolerance and understanding ..

He asked couple caught up in domestic differences to give dialogue a chance instead of using weapons.

Thomas’s Obare (Bassi Boitangare) and Naftal Onkoba (Nyacheki) called for sober discussions on mental health saying it is growing to epidemic levels.

They said such killings had been sparked by suspects with mental cases.

Similar condemnation on the incidents was done by officials of the Kenya Human Rights Commission who toured the region to undertake public hearings.

The hearings begin Tuesday at St Vincent Catholic Hall in Kisii.

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