Linet Toto’s fiance Nifty Kim – is allegedly married with kids

Linet Toto got engaged at 25 years….and of course we all agree this is not a good idea especially since she just got started with her political career. But then again – you remember how old the man that proposed to her is….and it clicks….opportunity or rather opportunist.

Linet Toto with boda boda rider

Okay I know y’all will say Ghafla has lately become too judgemental right? But how can we not after all – our celebrities are giving us reasons to analyze them and so far – most of them are just predictable.


Anyway back to Toto’s engagement. Well judging from most comments shared by fans – it appears many believe the only reason the fella proposed is because of her current status – and again – we agree because – why now that she is a Member of Parliament.

Linet Toto missing out on red flags

Well – not that we are all kamati ya roho chafu but truth is – this playa just moved too fast for anyone to believe he has pure intentions towards Linet Toto….which reminds me of that Anerlisa Muigai article where we highlighted why men are the current growing gold diggers in town….and barely hours after – we spotted one.

Apart from securing the bag….word has it that Linet Toto’s fiance is actually a married man with kids. This was revealed by a fan who left a comment under Toto’s photo asking the fiance, Nifty Kim about his wife and kids:

Where’s your teacher wife and the 3 kids?

A comment that paved way for fans to carry out thorough investigation on Nifty Kim….and turns out he actually admitted to having kids back in 2014….and just like that the whole truth came out and like we had earlier assumed….yes Nifty Kim was securing the bag!

With that i guess its now upto Linet Toto to make her final judgement on whether to marry Nifty Kim or explore the many opportunities awaiting her ahead….because at 25 years – she still has about 7 years to grow herself before commiting herself to Nifty Kim who already had his cake and ate it too.

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