Linet Toto’s PR team needs to work on her poker face game

Peter Salasya is our new comedian in politics and we can prove this following his recent statement aimed at Linet Toto who he threatened to impregnante if she continues to mock Baba, Raila Odinga.

Linet Toto with boda boda rider

Okay – the statement of course sounds bizzare and more of a threat especially coming from a member of parliament who we expect to carry himself with some dignity….but again, you can take a man out of a village but not the village in him – simply meaning we can’t teach him to address women in a proper way – if this is how he has been doing it for years.

Anyway with that said, Peter Salasya finally met Linet Toto this past weekend during prophet Owuor’s crusade this past weekend; and r8ght after the event – Salasya tweeted a photo ‘hanging’ out with Linet Toto to which he captioned:

Linet Toto meets Peter Salasya

Mimi hapa ni pastor salasya a very powerful preacher outside politics??? Hehe Bomet people are amazing ? I loved people of bomet plus their leadership they fear God and the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom Thank you@BarchokHillary @LinetChepkorir_@VictorMandazi

The mockery

Okay….is it just me or did Peter Salasya share the photo to prove a point about Linet Toto? Well…I would say the MP’s social media people continue to create ‘fun’ Linet Toto – since its a marketing strategy working on Peter Salasya’s favor.

I mean – its like the PR team has discovered aiming silly remarks at Linet Toto is lowering her self esteem…and of course being the from the opposition party – Peter Salaysa can’t help but make things uncomfortable for Linet – and judging from their photo together, its clearly working.

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