Meet City Lawyer Oliver Weyombo, a youthful advocate handling high profile cases with Extra-Ordinary Skills.

City Lawyer Oliver Weyombo may not well known to you because of his tendency of working behind the scenes, however , Weyombo is has gotten his name up the ranks after handling high profile and sensitive cases in the last two years.

He also posseses some high level of intergrity and professionalism .

Despite this he has also provided Pro-Bono services to the poor Kenyans who have found themselves in court especially at Kibera and Makadara courts respectively.

” Lawyer Oliver Weyombo did me wonders in my case, i had a case which was branded as a ‘weak case’ by other advocates but when i met him he assured me that the case was so strong and the rest is now history,” said Everlyne Konya, a woman who was represented by Weyombo in a criminal case.

We tried to reach out to the advocate for comment but he declined to comment saying that he was going to speak at the right time.

” I won’t comment now on that , i will speak when the right time comes, for now let us focus with other important issues,” he told our reporter.

The advocate is well known to Judges and Magistrates in a manner he handles his cases.

A court clerk based at the Nairobi court told us, he uses all means to bring his points home when in action.

” To be genuine Weyombo is a walking constitution, get him in court and see, he uses his efforts, constitutional quotes to bring his points home, magistrates knows his characters and ability which is usually full of respect,” she said.

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