Mike Sonko should visit the gym for serious workout sessions & not to pose for mirror selfies

Mike Sonko has been living the socialite lifestyle and for this reason – he somehow lost track of time and ended up with a not so sexy body…I am taking about love handles and beer belly that clearly dont work for his height.

Well being a man who likes to spend alot of time in front of a mirror admiring what his mama gave him or perhaps God’s stunning creation and believe it or not…. Mike Sonko git himself an expenisve gym membership just for mirror selfies and i say this with full confidence keeping in mind that he has never lost a pound or two years after he started attending gym.

Mike Sonko weight loss

He actually proved this in a new photo aimed at showing fans his weight loss progress or rather what he thinks he looks like – now that he has been working out. But again – i remind that Mike Sonko likes clout chase….and once again – he is back at it.

Sonko needs to embrace Weight loss

Anyway as it may seem like a fun and games kinda lifestyle…I bet we can all agree that the former Nairobi governor needs to start working on his body – because – weuh – with the way he is moving….Diabetes, HBP among other illnesses are waiting to pounce on him anytime soon.


His age also doesnt allow the kind of weight he has been carrying around….and the more he keeps breathing in deep fried food and enjoying Pizza – then visits the gym for mirror selfies the faster he is getting to the crossing line….sorry I know what I said…but again…not so sorry because mhesh needs to get his diet in order.

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