Moses Kuria Barred From Gazetting EPZA CEO Ezekiel Owuor Over Links To Youth Fund Corruption

The High Court has made a significant decision that will impact the fate of Ezekiel Owour Otieno, who had been slated to become CEO of the Export Processing Zone Authority (EPZA).

On Wednesday, the court issued an order barring Trade, Industry, and Investment (MITI) Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria from gazetting Otieno as the CEO of EPZA.

This decision follows a case implicating Otieno in the Sh180 million Youth Fund Scandal, which has been an ongoing investigation for years.

Otieno had been accused of being involved in the corruption scandal and was ordered to forfeit Sh8.8 million in his account and an apartment block that he could not explain how he had acquired.

The latest court decision has been welcomed by those who have been following the scandal closely.

This is a step towards justice for the Kenyan youth who were robbed of opportunities due to the corruption that plagued the Youth Fund.

This latest development has also raised questions about the vetting process for public officials.

How could Otieno have been selected as the CEO of EPZA despite being implicated in a high-profile corruption scandal?

The government must take responsibility for its vetting process and ensure that only individuals with the highest levels of integrity are appointed to public positions.

It remains to be seen what the outcome of the case will be and whether Otieno will be allowed to assume the position of CEO of EPZA.

The decision by the High Court is a step towards restoring faith in the justice system and sending a message to those who engage in corrupt practices that they will be held accountable for their actions.

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