Mr. Stephen Ogenga and NITA on the sport over grafts

‘If one lies down with a dog, he will wake up with fleas’. A section of the nita board of directors is in bed with a scandalous accounting officer.

Either Ogenga’s conduct is a threat worth acting against or it is not, the board has to decide which it is and cease these bipolar mood swings.

Ogenga has allowed fraud and corruption to thrive at NITA and the deadly in fights over the dirty money has taken a life.

1. Is the board aware that focus is shifting to nita over the brutal murder of June Kangogo? Is the Board aware that focus on investigations is shifting to NITA?
2. Is the board aware of an independent procurement department within finance department run by accountants and Ogenga?
3. Is the board aware of procurement under deals in finance department unknown to Supply Chain Management department?
4. Is the board aware that LSOs for companies associated with June Kangogo and her boyfriend were given first lane treatment, processed God-speed within finance department and payments made with express authority of Ogenga?
5. Is the board aware that internal audit department was restricted and denied from accessing payment vouchers associated with hot air supplies under ‘express instructions of Ogenga’?
6. Is the board aware that millions of taxpayers’ money were lost at nita through payment of hot air supplies to companies known to Ogenga, Nakitare, Timothy, Allan, June & Korir (the cashier)
7. Is the board aware that Ogenga influences procurement decisions by openly expressing his direct support for particular suppliers for contract awards? Very shortly, we shall expose how tenders evaluated late last year 2022 were awarded late March 2022 in strict violation of Public Procurement Disposal Act (PPDA) and other Regulations.
8. Is the board aware that access to procurement records at NITA by suppliers associated with Ogenga is wanting?

Next: tenders evaluated in December 2022 fermented in Ogenga’s office till late March 2023 for unspecified reasons.

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