Mubabas now flock TikTok after dancing chief’s accidental rise to fame

The innovation of TikTok, a new way of creating and sharing short, entertaining videos online has seems to have inspired the rise of Mubabas culture online.

Mubabas are now using such platforms to be creative by posting various videos that entertain their viewers.

And with the publicity that the famous Kuna Kuna dancing chief, John Ogilo Migun, many mubabas have been inspired to create their contents online. Mr Migun took social media by storm after his video went viral.

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He was filmed showcasing his moves at Alleyways Beer Garden Club, a popular bar and restaurant in Kisumu City.

The Northern Sub-Location assistant chief got up to dance when the DJ started playing the popular hit Kuna Kuna.



The song is a collabo done by several Kenyan artistes including Vic West, Fathermoh, Brandy Maina, Savara Mudigi and Thee Exit Band.

Mr Migun later revealed that he leant his dancing style online.

“I usually watch music shows on TV and some challenges on TikTok but decided to do it my own way and have moves that my weight could carry,” he sid.

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The dancing chief’s instant rise to fame seems to have inspired many more mubabas to try their luck too online.

On Instagram, a middle-aged man with kitambi recently shared a reel of himself dancing. In the video, the bare-chested man in blue shorts is seen making a few moves as he enjoys the song Peka Peka. The unidentified man shows off his kitambi while making funny faces.

Several middle-aged men have likewise gotten out of their comfort zones to showcase their talents on various social media platforms.

But none of them has since captured the attention of netizens as much as the dancing chief did.

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