Nepotism, bad advisors and incompetency rocks CJ Koome’s office as expert calls for action

Just weeks after a local publications reported that some influential Supreme court Judges were planning to resign over dictatorship that led to rulling related to Lesbianism, another scandal has struck the CJ’s office.

Some high ranking lawyers led by Ahmednadir Abdullahi have branded Koome as a clueless Chief Justice as other sources reveals that the CJ’s office is employing in a nepotism manner.

” Yes there is alot of nepotism in CJ Koome’s office, for records we know the next Regestrar after Ann Amadi’s term comes to a conclusion will be from the CJ’s tribe, watch this space.

A close source told this reporter that an elaborate plan by the CJ has been hatched to replace Amadi in a tribal manner.

According to Abdullahi, a senior counsel, the CJ may be taking the Judiciary to a wrong direction and the state needs to look ways of stopping her .

” A month ago, a judge in the law court issued an order stopping another judge delivering Judgement.While as year ago another Judge issued an order dismissing the Deputy Chief Justice from office.I here CJ Koome and JSC protects these judges because of ” decisional independence” said Ahmednasir.

The recent concluded Judges interview and selection was a shambolic, those who were competent and performed in the recruitment interview were not selected as the Koome linked candidates made it to the final.

A city lawyer now wants President Ruto to look ways of fixing the CJ’s office for the better of the Country.

” Let the government act or it will be too late, things needs to be fixed right but in a constitutional manner, Koome must cede from international trips and fix the Judiciary,” said the lawyer.

He also adviced the CJ to drop all of her advisors or fail terribly

” The CJ needs to drop all his advisors, they have already misadvised her on some issues, if she fails she is going to fail terrible,” he added
He further urged the JSC to drop officials whose contracts are sorounded by confusions.

The lawyer castigated the CJ of allowing officials like Warsame to seat in the commission despite there contraversial appointment.
” Nobody knows how Warsame will exit the commission, he is untouchable,”

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