Nimo Gachuiri makes it known she does not care about husband’s other kids

Nimo Gachuiri is definitely a mature woman who understands the benefits of dodging drama and minding her own business; and this is why even when husband, Mr Seed is getting dragged by his baby mamas online – she stands on the sidelines and watches the drama from there.


Well, to prove how unbothered she continues to be even with the on going baby mama drama facing husband – Nimo Gachuiri recently spoke with Ankali opening up on her husband’s wooes and from what she said is that sipendi kuskiza kelele za nje…simply meaning her co wives demands on baby daddy to pay upkeep is not her problem.

Which now leaves me wondering – what if Mr Seed was like Obinna – who demands to have the kids under his roof if baby mama wants him to pay school fees, medical and other expenses? Would Nimo really make a good mum to Mr Seeds other kids? And i can confidentially answer this by saying…maybe not.

Nimo Gachuiri’s response paints us the kind of woman she is

Okay….dont get me wrong – i know for sure that the ongoing drama has nothing to do with Nimo Gachuiri but again – having her husband n*tting everywhere has her involved whether she likes it or not.

Swabrina exposes Mr Seed

I mean – she automatically became a step mum to the two boys fathered by Seed – so having her confidentially refer to the kids as kelele shows an uninterested step mum who only cares about the child she birthed.

However back in the day when our grand dads had 3 to 5 wives all these women had only one task and that is raising all the kids as their own without favoritism as they all belonged to the same dad….and not kelele as Nimo put it.

Well they say if you love something you embrace it with all its flaws and baggage….but after listening to Nimo’s interview – it’s evident she is getting what she can from the guy just because she can.

Also…..having said the reason she got back with Mr Seed after his cheating ways is because men out here are savages……makes me wanna say that she is just marktiming for now.

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