Nurses, clinicians in Kisii call off Nduru Hospital strike, to start work Monday

Medical union officials in Kisii have resolved to call off the strike at Nduru Hospital in South Mugirango.

The hospital was closed after the withdrawal of labour from the health facility by the health care staff after goons raided the facility and beat up two medical staff and a paramedic sent to transfer an anesthesia equipment to Keumbu Hospital in Nyaribari Chache.

Speaking Friday outside the County Commissioner office, the union officials, however, said they had reached concensus to return to the facility.

Doctors working at the facility called off their strike last week.

“Owing to deliberations we have had both with the County leadership and National government leaders, we order that all our staff deployed there return to work by Monday morning,” stated Moses Rianga, Nurses union regional branch Secretary

He requested that they be guaranteed round the hour security at the hospital.

“Even then we collectively ask politicians to keep off from health facilities. We don’t want our staff to work in atmosphere full of unwarranted tension,” he stated. .

Victor Bwanchete, clinicians union local branch Secretary, on his part, warned that they would not hesitate withdrawing their services if they are threatened again.

” Let this be a warning and we hope those behind this barbaric attack on a hospital have learnt a lesson,” he told reporters.

County Deputy Governor Robert Monda, said the residents in South Mugirango have already suffered enough since the hospital’s closure.

He attributed the delay in its reopening to unnecessary political interference in health matters by politicians.

“I am however happy to report that the health care staff have crossed their ranks with the commissioner on the issue of security and thus the decision to return to work,” he said

He however warned South Mugirango MP Sylvanus Osoro to stop milking publicity from health matters.

” You don’t beat the leg you use to ask. When you send health staff away and bring suffering to your people how do you feel . It. Is not right that you take law into your hands and bring such woes again,” said Monda.

He told Osoro to live to the stature his people have entrusted him with.

County Commissioner Tom Anjere assured adequate arrangements to provide the facility round the clock the hour.

He said all Level 4 Hospital in the region would henceforth be guarded by police officers to stem in future hooliganism.

He said going forward, the government would put sanctions on any leader who would threaten health staff

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