Oga Obinna- 2 Ways Polygamy Can Work

Oga Obinna

Polygamy has been a paramount subject and whether it’s the right thing to do. For some, it’s the only way to avoid cheating and having partners out of wedlock.

There’s no doubt that men are naturally polygamous. It’s a colloquy that most women don’t want to talk about.


However, Polygamy has been accepted by some communities who believe women are supposed to be taken care of.

How To Make Polygamy Work .

The late Akuku Danger was famous for his polygamy. He had several wives and had several kids.
How did he make it work?
Well, according to Oga Obinna, there are two ways to make it work.

To begin with, you got to have a lot of money. This will enable you to take care of your wives with a minimum of fuss. Make them comfortable, and cater for their needs.

Obinna himself is polygamous- considering his baby mamas which he has left out in his life.

According to his baby mama, Mama Adalola she was finally granted custody of her two daughters. Mama Adalola made the revelations on Instagram, thanking God for the custody win. “February 7, 2023 custody granted. To the man above thank you,” Adalola said.

Obinna has now been left to struggle with getting another partner. Will he be able to make polygamy work on his end?

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