Pain as Headless body shocks villagers in Raganga, Kitutu Chache South, Kisii

Villagers in Raganga in Kisii’s Kitutu Chache South are in shock after stumbling on a headless torso dumped in a thicket on a local widow’s farm.

The discovery early Easter Monday comes days after the head of a male person was also discovered on the same spot

It has since been taken to the morgue for preservation.

The locals suspect the head may be been severed from the decomposing body found on Monday morning .

The body did not have legs and one arm , raising suspicions of a possible murder .

The other arm appeared partly feasted by wild dogs.

Kathogo Ayienda, a resident said they are yet to not identify the deceased by name and locality he hails from.

He said he may had been killed elsewhere and the body hauled to their vicinity.

“Recently it was the head, today a torso all brought here . As residents we want to know who are behind these killings and why they are dumping the bodies here.,”stated a concerned Ayienda.

They now want police to investigate and crack the possible motive.

” Let the police investigate and tell us , could it be extra judicial killings? , let someone come out and explain, “Ayienda said

Already the body has been removed to the morgue.

Kitutu Chache South Police boss Anthony Keter said investigations are going on.

” We are on the issue and will give a comprehensive briefing once we finish, “, he told the Star.


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