Parklands Skyscraper ‘Contractor’ Acts After Photo of Pillar Goes Viral

The source of the photo collage of irregular pillars of an ongoing construction of a skyscraper building at Parklands can now be revealed.

The photos were taken on the building under construction along Taza Lane off City Park Drive, Parklands by one of the workers who has consistently complained to the contractor that the steel bars used to construct the pillars righ from the basement were not suitable and the resultant pillars were smaller than ordinary ones. Previously, the contractor had recommended construction of extra pillars on the advise of the structural engineer but when these pillars were added, the entire shape of the building has changed and its not in accordance with the architectural drawings.
Interestly the structural engineer who offered his advise is not registered with NCA and the contractor who has been undertaking the project is not the one whose name appears on the sign board next to the construction site.
The worker who took the photos urged the relevant authorities to urgently investigate the on-going construction.

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