Payment Platform StayOnline Inks Deal To Establish A Digital Health Facility

UCrest Berhad and StayOnline, a Rwandan company have signed a Business Partnership Agreement to digitalize the healthcare industry with Artificial Intelligence.

StayOnline is a digital payment platform and business process outsourcing company in Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda and Zambia with merchants in Europe and Africa.

Both companies agreed to integrate the payment gateways that are currently supporting millions of users into the iMedic™ digital health e-commerce platform, providing millions of users with access to medical service providers.

Patients will not only have access to doctors in the countries but also renowned specialists in the United States, Europe, China, Singapore and other countries.

Additionally, the integrated platform will enable StayOnline’s merchants to market their products and services to users in Asia.

The companies will jointly develop the iMedic™ Centre of Excellence (iCOE) for digital health in collaboration with leading medical service providers and universities or research centres, providing training and certification to the doctors, and accelerating the digitalization of the healthcare industry.

The Centre of Excellence will serve as a platform for research and development of the Internet of Medical Things (IOMT) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the healthcare industry, collaborating with universities, research institutions, startups or any medical technology companies to accelerate the digitalization of the economy of the country.

“With digital health service offerings on the integrated platform, not only are we extending the services to every person in the country, but also every corner in Africa and the world. With iMedic™, our users will be able to have access to the top-notch doctors from leading hospitals of the world,” said Desire Muhinyuza, CEO of StayOnline Ltd

“With AI and IOMT technologies powering the healthcare services, it will significantly improve the efficacy of the patients, greatly improve the efficiency of the healthcare industry, and tremendously reduce the escalating healthcare costs,” he added.

“This partnership with StayOnline Ltd, not only marks the beginning of the digital health era in Rwanda and Africa in general, with the use of Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) technologies in providing healthcare care services. The partnership is strategic and instrumental in elevating the healthcare service to the next level, with high degree of automation and efficiency” said Eg Kah Yee, Chief Executive Officer of UCrest.

“The establishment of the Centre of Excellence for Digital Health will establish Rwanda as the hub for digital health of the continent and serve as the catalyst and springboard in evangelizing digital health to other countries in Africa, benefiting people in every corner of the continent.”

With imedic™ AILab and fundus camera, patients can have health screening for eye diseases done at the clinics with the online ophthalmologist without having to visit an eye specialist.

With the ageing population, Age-related Macular Degeneration that causes blindness in old age may be prevalent with the longer average life expectancy.

With Artificial Intelligence technology, iMedic™ can accurately detect glaucoma and Diabetic Retinopathy (DR) in addition to AMD and other blood vessel-related diseases, enabling early prevention and management to better manage the diseases