Photos: Catherine Nyongesa, Texas Cancer Centre and the war on Cancer

Texas Cancer Centre  has continued to bring hope among many Cancer patients and it’s among the best facilty in Eastern and Central African.

Catherine Nyongesa, Doctor and Cancer expert is the founder of this useful facilty .

” I  realised a gap in the health provision to cancer patients. patients were unable to promptly access specialised cancer treatment services due to lack of knowledge of the disease, right doctors or where to find the services with ease,” she told our reporter in the past interview.

She added, ” My quest to bridge the gap saw me  take a Ksh100 million loan to start Texas Cancer Centre in 2010. My dream of having a centre had finally come true and through it I have done my best to save life  and bring hope to our patients,” he said.

Catherine Nyongesa is the first  female radiation oncologist in the country.

Today our team realized  that the centre’s main objective is  to provide individuals with quality care by availing personalised services.

“At Texas Cancer Centre, we understand the numerous variables involved in cancer treatment, as result, we have developed comprehensive and patient-centered treatment plan that takes into consideration the complexity of the treatment choices,” she said.

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