Pritty Vishy & Shakilla Ignite Beef

Shakilla & Pritty Vishy are yet to settle their predicaments on the performance of Kenyan music & whether it’s worth listening to.

According to Shakilla, Kenyan music is not good enough & musicians are always clout chasing to fetch traffic for their songs. For this reason, Shakilla claims she’s not a fan

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To be honest, the clout chasing tacts should be outdated by now; Shakilla is right about them. Most Kenyan artists indulge in unscrupulous actions as just to chase clout. A few culprits include Bahati, Vera Sidika, Willy Paul, among others.

Pritty Vs Shakilla

The damsels have thrown shade at each other via their socials. Pritty Vishy ignited the beef after admonishing Shakilla ‘not to listen’ to Kenyan music if it’s not good enough.

”ooh, I don’t like or love Kenyan music becoz bla bla bla… Madzam kuna mtu amekuforce uskize. Si uskize lingala bass…”

Shakilla’s response was imminent as she threw shade back at Pritty Vishy. She claimed that Pritty isn’t pretty as her name ‘suggests’.

We’re used to celebrities causing un-necessary beefs just to stay relevant. And these two are no exception. This may be another tactic to achieve the same

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